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I had limited use of my arm and hand due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Katherine provided an alternative therapy that brought the use of my hand and arm back to nearly 100 per cent in two visits. Katherine’s healing presence and gentle nature are a blessing to me. 

Rev. Jim Anderson, Halifax

I first met Katherine at the Environment Health Center when she taught a ShareCare CranioSacral Therapy workshop. It was her sense of humour and her own journey to health that inspired me to book an appointment for a session.

CST is an amazing modality. I had been suffering with hip pain, that the medical community thought maybe arthritis, but I felt otherwise. After seeing Katherine for one session, it became apparent that it was OEdis-ease‚ alright, but in its truest form. Katherine’s skill in translating the body’s wisdom by use of SomatoEmotional Release is beyond amazing. When I say translating, I mean it in the literal form. Without judgment, Katherine will tell you what the body has been trying to and in my case for many months, even years. And then she will give you easy suggestions as to how to change your negative thought patterns into positive ones, so as to heal the mind and the body of pain.

CST and SER, both are very compatible with many other healing modalities. Katherine is so sensitive and professional that I have recommended her to my Naturopath and my GP. In fact, I’ve recommended her to everyone I know, who has an ongoing or even new health issue. I say, do your body a favor and book an appointment with Katherine.

Bonnie Shea, Hammonds Plains

My daughter insisted I come to visit her in Fall River for an extended stay this past summer so she could schedule me for some appointments for CST with Katherine. I arrived full of pain from my arthritis and with many reservations about this therapy my daughter talked so highly about. After one visit my pain decreased and my mobility increased. By the time I went home I was new woman, energetic and rejuvenated with new hope. Katherine set me up with a CST in Ottawa where I continue to improve. Seeing my transition my friends and family are trying CST, it’s very exciting.

Cecile Lacasse, Retired

My husband Jack was diagnosed with a GMB4 Brain tumor in Dec. 2003. He had surgery Dec. 28th and began radiation mid- January for a three week period. He was very tired and sick following the radiation.

My neighbour recommended Katherine for CST. She was able to help Jack in many ways. Emotionally and physically Katherine made life tolerable for Jack.
He looked forward to his visits with her and her little dog, Amy. She treated Jack for most of a year until his passing in February 2005. Katherine worked with Jack during his final hours to ease him through his final transition of life. It was truly beautiful – an experience I had never believed possible. I would not hesitate recommending Katherine to anyone requiring CST. I too find it beneficial!

Claire Brownell, Fall River

I am a business owner whose back gave out every year and when it happened it meant the closure of my shop during the healing process. Luckily, I found Katherine and CST! After my first session I actually was able to return to work and after several sessions can testify that I have been pain free for now two years. As a bonus, it allowed me to de-stress and relax – it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. For me this was the gift that keeps on giving to my body. I urge anyone to try CST, you will not be disappointed. A satisfied customer who is still smiling.

Marlene Lariviere, Owner of Heatwave Fashions, Dartmouth

I would like to thank you very much for your skill and empathy in seeing me through the physical effects of my environmental illness. I am a firm believer in CranioSacral therapy now, and continue to be amazed at each visit, how such a gentle touch can evoke such dramatic results.

Your passion for this science is evident, and most heartening of all is that you are one of the caring; dedicated practitioners that we all know exist, but are so difficult to find. I’m grateful to be able to breathe easier now, as my central nervous system slowly calms down. Thank you again for introducing me to your healing touch.

Michelle Reid, Fall River

After many years of different therapies to help my reoccurring neck, shoulder and arm issues, I decided to try CranioSacral Therapy with Katherine. I felt incredible after only two sessions. Katherine is extremely competent and can truly help what ails you.”

Lynn Carr, Owner of Body Zone, Fall River

After suffering chronic pain in my wrist, it was suggested that I try CST. I went in as a complete disbeliever. Now after only two treatments I feel no pain at all. I can’t explain how it works, and I don’t care. I got the results I needed, and it’s so incredibly relaxing.

Brad Palmer, Fall River

Like many business people today, my days are filled with the demands of balancing career and family. This constant stress leads to many things in many people, and my neck chose to be the problem area for me. I had experienced stiffness and restricted mobility for some time until my wife, who was being treated by Katherine for multiple chemical sensitivities, convinced me to give it a try.

To say I was amazed would be an under statement. After just a few visits, the problems with my neck cleared up, I felt more relaxed and better able to handle daily stresses. I have since had a few maintenance visits, and always fell at the top of my game when I leave a session. Thanks Katherine!

Kim Reid, Fall River

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