Therapeutic Touch

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The world is awakening to a compassionate responsibility for the environment and all forms of life. This re-examining of the nature of being has supported a resurgence of healers and healing, a reinstatement of their credibility, and a new understanding and acceptance of feminine aspects in healing.

It has fostered the resurgence of re-learning ancient techniques to relieve or eliminate physical and emotional pain in ourselves and in others. Therapeutic Touch is one of these healing techniques; it is a non-invasive, holistic approach to healing which stimulates the receiver’s own recuperative powers. It is a modern form of laying-on-of-hands and is based on principles of an energy exchange between people. It is most useful to reduce or eliminate pain, promote healing, and elicit a relaxation response.

dolores_kriegerTherapeutic Touch was developed in the early 1970’s by a remarkable woman, Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., then a Professor of Nursing at New York University, and her mentor, the late Dora Kunz, a well-respected “natural” healer. Together these two women developed a healing form which can be easily taught and easily learned. Dr. Krieger is now a Professor Emerita of Nursing, New York University. Dr. Krieger continues to explore and expand the possibilities of Therapeutic Touch as she actively travels the world to share her knowledge and experiences.

Therapeutic Touch was first conceived as an extension of professional nursing care and was taught by Dr. Krieger in a class aptly called “The Frontiers Of Nursing”. These classes marked the first time in history that laying-on-of-hands was taught as a full-time university subject. Health professionals today stand firmly on it’s 25 years of effective clinical practice and the solid Therapeutic Touch research that has resulted in it’s wide acceptance.

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